What is a ‘Pink Tie Guy’?

2017 Pink Tie Guy, David Spector

Each year we have the privilege of selecting a new group of men to represent our organization at The Pink Tie Affair as Pink Tie Guys. These seven distinguished gentlemen (denoting the 1 in 7 Coloradan women diagnosed with breast cancer) are prominent leaders in their communities whose lives have been touched by a disease that, unfortunately, is universal and knows no boundaries.

For Susan G. Komen Colorado board member and lead 2017 Pink Tie Guy David Spector, breast cancer hit too close to home to ignore.

Tiffany Spector, David’s wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer just after her 37th birthday. During a time in life that is usually filled with joy and planning for the future, the Spector family hit a seemingly insurmountable road block.

“I remember feeling so overwhelmed, lost and uncertain in the days that followed the diagnosis,” recalled David. “There were countless questions and no immediate answers.”

After a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments where David and Tiffany were bombarded with information, David took to the internet to further his understanding of breast cancer so that he could be an informed and supportive partner to his wife.

While sifting through the endless links and medical information on the stages, types, treatments and side effects of breast cancer, David found solace in Susan G. Komen.

“Komen was one of the resources I knew that I could trust to provide accurate information,” said David. “Even if I didn’t know exactly what information I needed, or what it meant at the time, Komen became my go to place for educational resources.”

As it turns out, Komen gave the Spectors more than just education and answers to their questions. Tiffany’s oncologist specialized in young women’s breast cancer, an expert in this emerging field, and one of her very first research grants came from Susan G. Komen’s global research program.

“Tiffany’s oncologist not only treated her cancer, but she also coached us…me really, through some really tough times,” recalled David. “Her bedside manner and focus on treating the whole patient was comforting during an uncertain period in our lives. And years ago it was a Komen grant that helped start that young doctor down a path to helping Tiffany, and me, years later.”

David Spector is forging his own More Than Pink™ path of giving back through his work on the Komen Colorado Board of Directors.

“I am a Pink Tie Guy for my wife; and I am a Pink Tie Guy for every other young woman impacted by breast cancer,” said David. “Komen’s work matters. It did for Tiffany and me, and it does for millions of others.”