Shirletta Haley

While doing my routine home breast exam, I noticed a lump in my left breast. Just 7 months prior, I had a mammogram. Therefore, I did not give much thought to the lump. Soon, the lump became painful. I scheduled a doctor appointment. My doctor did another mammogram. The mammogram revealed not 1, but 2 lumps. A biopsy was scheduled for the next day. In another 2 days, I was scheduled to see my doctor with the results. At that time, I was informed I had stage 2 breast cancer. When I heard the word CANCER, my mind and body froze, and I became consumed with fear. There is just something about hearing the word cancer. You immediately think of death. But, I quickly regrouped, and got myself together. I began to activate my faith, and just knew I was not going to be defined by this evil disease. I began to speak words of faith: With God on my side, I will live. I will be lead by his spirit, and do whatever it takes to survive. I had a lumpectomy, chemo-therapy, and radiation. With God on my side, my husband’s love and support, as well as family and friends, I made it through that difficult time in my life.
Trust in God, and pray without cease. Live life to the fullest everyday. Live, love, hope, pray and much laughter. Know your body, get regular check ups, yearly mammograms, and do your monthly home breast exams.