Research Spotlight: Is More Surgery Better?

Monica Morrow, MD. 

There are troves of scientists, researchers and clinicians that dedicate their careers to the pursuit of finding better treatments and cures for cancer. Dr. Monica Morrow, a 2016 Brinker Awardee, joined the ranks of an esteemed group of scientists who have been recognized for advancing breast cancer research and medicine with the Brinker Awards for Scientific Distinction – the highest scientific honor awarded by Komen. Learn how Dr. Morrow proved she is More Than Pink™.

In a recent interview, Dr. Morrow was asked about how her research could help individuals facing breast cancer today and in years to come.

“Women believe that by choosing bigger surgery they are doing everything they can to be safe and minimize the risk of breast cancer recurring,” said Dr. Morrow. “While this is understandable, it is not supported by evidence, and bigger surgery can lead to more surgical complications, a greater risk for long-term side effects, and delay the start of chemotherapy. Hopefully, this research will help women avoid large surgery when it is not of benefit. Moving forward, it can serve as a model for the need to evaluate all the components of existing treatments (surgery, radiation, drug therapies) as improvements in one kind of treatment occur.”

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