Q4 Decision Making: 2017 Health Insurance

The time of year has come to start shopping for more than just holiday gifts. It is open enrollment season for healthcare insurance plans and if you’re starting treatment or have been living with a breast cancer diagnosis, selecting the right plan can be a very stressful process. We’ve found a few tools to assist you in navigating your choices.

Need to Change Health Insurance?
Open enrollment for 2017 healthcare insurance coverage is underway. The following tools might come in handy as you consider plans for you and your family:

  • C4 Quick Cost and Plan Finder ToolThis online tool can help you estimate annual costs and check your eligibility for financial assistance. One of the most useful features is a filter that allows you to shops for plans by physician, facility and/or prescription drug coverage.
  • Covered UThis educational website is intended to help clients understand terminology and learn the basics of how healthcare insurance works. Be informed before you buy!