Patsy Maes

In February of 2013 I turned 60 years old, I figured that my life has been good to me and I’ve lived a good life. But then at the end of August, 2013 I was having pain under my right arm and I could feel a lump I let it go for two weeks and then I couldn’t stand the pain anymore.
I made a doctor’s appointment so she could see what was going on with me and I could tell her about this pain that I kept having and it was driving me nuts. When I got there I told her what was going on and of course she felt under my armpit and couldn’t find anything so she suggested that I go and get a mammogram. The Doctor’s Assistant scheduled an appointment for me for September 4, 2013.
Here I was getting a mammogram and thinking what are they going to find I wasn’t too worried, as I was getting my mammogram done the assistant told me to hold on she wanted to show the Doctor. the pictures she took but then she came back and said that he wanted some more pictures taken. She took those pictures to him and then she came back and said, “The Dr. wants you to have an ultra sound”. After the ultra sound she came back and told me that the Dr. wanted to talk to me. Then my thoughts through my head were going wild, what did he see?
I went in to see Doctor George, as I sat down I could see my pictures all across the screen there what? Is all those spots what is he seeing? He showed me the spot that he was concerned about. I’m afraid this is something that I’m concerned about this spot he showed me. He asked me when, was the last time I had a mammogram done. I told him about 2 or 3 years, he said that he wanted me to get scheduled for a biopsy so we can see what is going on there and I told him no problem.
His assistant scheduled the biopsy for September 12, 2013. As September 12, 2013 came up I was so nervous I went into the office to have the biopsy done. The Dr. that performed the biopsy was very gentle and good, she told me she got 3 real good specimens, as I was getting ready to leave they told me that I would hear something back in 48 hours.
On Monday, September 16, 2013 my primary Doctor’s office called me and asked me to come into the office to discuss my biopsy, so I got dressed and rushed down. My heart was beating and I felt so helpless. When I got to the Doctor office and was sitting in the room waiting for her, everything in the world was going through my head, what is it? Can it be C? No, it can’t!
So see what happens if you don’t get your mammogram every year I missed two years and looked what happened in between that time. Thanks for listening to me and keep the prayers for me to stay strong.