Kathleen Syko-Kramp

In 1999 I had very heavy dense Breasts. They where getting heavier and changing. My doctor and I decided that for the sake of my back and my breast health that I should have a breast reduction. So in November 1999 I had a breast reduction. In the pathology of the Breast they found Cancer very low and deep to my chest wall. It was not a lump and If I had not had the reduction I believe it would have spread before they would have seen it on a Mammogram. I was 40 and I was very scared, I had a mastectomy of my lest breast and was rebuilt with a free flap from my Stomach. I recovered and moved on with life raising my children and building my career. Flash forward to 2010 I was very excited to reach my 10 year free of Cancer, but I had no idea that in October it would return in the same breast yes I am one of the 1 or 2% of People where the Cancer returns in the breast that was Taken off. I felt a lump and I thought it had to be a cyst or something else. I did not expect to hear I had 2 types of aggressive breast cancer in my mastectomy/ rebuilt breast. In 1999 when they did my original Mastectomy they took out all my lymph node in my effect area. So in 2010 they has no way of knowing if the cancer had spread so they did a Pet Scan. They is ow I found out that I also had Thyroid Cancer. I had treatment for the Breast and Thyroid Cancer at the same time, I also decided to have a mastectomy of my right breast. So I had a lumpectomy in my mastectomy left breast ” I call it a Katy-Ectomy” because it is not done very often. After this was done and I had recovered enough I had a thyroidectomy they removed 7 effected Lymph nodes. Then I started Iodine free diet. I started Chemo and my nuclear dose for my thyroid both in December. I was a very sick chick but I survived and moved on with 35 doses of radiation. Needless to say I was a sick chick for most of 2011.