Komen Colorado grants empower people to make healthy decisions about their breast screening needs and to access quality care, if diagnosed with the disease.

Komen Colorado believes the ability to receive quality breast cancer care should not be dependent upon ability to pay, age, insurance coverage, geographic location, educational attainment, race, ethnicity, language spoken, immigration status, sexual orientation, or gender affiliation.

Komen Colorado designed the community grants program to make systemic, lasting change in our community:

  • By providing access to current, accurate facts about breast cancer risks and screening guidelines, education programs offer women and men the opportunity to make informed decisions about seeking breast cancer care with their provider.
  • By providing funds to cover the cost of care that is out-of-reach for so many in Colorado, clinical care programs ensure women and men in need of help today do not forgo vital care simply due to cost or other removable barriers.

FY 2020 Komen Colorado grants project goal is to reduce breast cancer mortality by addressing disparities, increasing access to quality and timely care, and/or improve outcomes through patient navigation. From April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020:

St. Mary Corwin Health Foundation Grant Project will provide screening mammograms and diagnostic individuals that reside in southern Colorado. The Hospital will provided screening mammograms, Genetic Screenings, diagnostic ultrasounds, diagnostic mammograms, and MRIs to medically underserved women and men.

St Thomas Moore Health Foundation Grant Project will serve medically underserved women with education and community events, will offer support to women in need of diagnostic services y and the surrounding area, and  will provide transportation assistance to women who have transportation barriers to get to their mammogram screenings in Fremont County.

Teller County Public Health Grant Project will provide diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds and breast biopsies, and screening mammograms to individuals in Teller County that have no other payer source.

A nurse health navigator will work with all individuals served to complete services along the continuum of care, with a target of 30 days from referral to screening, a target of 60 days from first abnormal finding to diagnosis and diagnosis to treatment

Additionally gas cards will be provided to clients that identify transportation as a barrier to accessing breast health services.

Peak Vista Community Health Centers will redesign and implement a voucher reconciliation process for screening and diagnostic service vouchers for  patients in Teller and El Paso Counties who enter the Peak Vista CHC breast cancer continuum of care  program.

In fiscal year 2020 (April 1, 2019-March 31, 2020), Komen Colorado awarded four Colorado-based non-profits to pay for medically underserved women and men to receive clinical breast exams, mammograms, diagnostic procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and appropriate education messages through group or one-on-one sessions.