As stated in the Who Can’t Get Care section, Komen Colorado identified four communities during the 2015 needs assessment who lag the most in meeting nationwide goals.

These target communities are:

  • Hispanic/Latina women
  • Women living in rural northeast Colorado
  • Women living in mountain and resort communities
  • Women living in medically underserved communities in Front Range counties

Each community has its own challenges in accessing breast health and breast cancer care. Challenges, or barriers, to care prevent members of a community from seeking medical help when it is needed. This usually results in a large number of women not getting regular breast cancer screenings, meaning they are at risk for being diagnosed at an advanced stage and possibly dying of the disease.

There are several common barriers to accessing breast cancer care experienced by communities throughout Colorado:

  • Immigration status
  • Lack of insurance
  • Fear of a diagnosis or lack of knowledge about breast cancer treatment
  • Transportation/distance-to-care
  • Securing time off work
  • Perceived cost of care
  • Lack of knowledge about breast health

Because Komen Colorado understands the challenges that communities face across the service area to get breast cancer care, the organization can ensure its trusted resources go to the communities who most need support.

Komen Colorado recognizes that this process results in some communities that need moderate support not being prioritized to receive resources. Since the organization cannot meet the full need in our Colorado communities, we go through this process to ensure the critical needs are met.

To meet the full need in our communities, Komen Colorado advocates for increased insurance coverage for breast cancer care and invests in research to find ways to prevent and cure the disease.

Review Komen Colorado’s Mission Action Plan that outlines actions to take to serve the target communities by removing the identified barriers.