Komen Colorado knows that in order to achieve the Bold Goal, the problem must be addressed from all angles. It will take a united front working in research and public policy to protect access to care for all women, and providing clinical care to ensure access to care for all women now.

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Komen Colorado provides the following direct services to support current, former, and future breast cancer patients and their loved ones:

  • Education about breast cancer risk, mammography, diagnostic tests, treatment options, clinical trials, research achievements, disparities, and more
    • At community events, community health fairs, and employee health fairs
    • On KomenColorado.org and www.Komen.org
    • Through Breast Cancer 101 community presentation
  • Targeted outreach to African American communities experiencing higher disparities
    • Through the Pink Sunday program, a faith-based initiative to share breast health information
    • At community events targeting African American women
    • Through partnerships with health-focused programs in the African American community

Komen Colorado also provides indirect services to support current, former, and future breast cancer patients and their loved ones:

  • Community grants to four local non-profit organizations in El Paso, Fremont, Pueblo and Teller counties
    • To cover the cost of clinical care for screenings, diagnostic tests, and treatment
    • To provide breast health education and navigation services
  • Collaboration with community partners addressing access to cancer care
    • As an active member of the Colorado Cancer Coalition and the Breast Cancer Task Force
    • By assembling breast cancer providers in the service area to discuss challenges and potential solutions for serving uninsured women
    • By sharing data and stories about what breast cancer patients face on a regular basis to focus the conversations about cancer care where it is most imperative

All of this work is implemented by Komen Colorado mission staff with support and guidance from a large team of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers give their time by providing education at community events, sitting on mission-focused committees, and sharing experience and insights into the breast cancer community in Colorado, among many other activities.

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