COVID-19 Financial Assistance Fund to Support Individuals

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Joby Koren and I am an eight-year supporter of Susan G. Komen Colorado. I started supporting Komen Colorado over 20 years ago when I participated in my first Race for the Cure to help make a difference for those living with breast cancer. Little did I know that in 2011, I would become a breast cancer survivor.

When they say breast cancer can happen to anyone, I now believe it. I was an otherwise healthy, active, business professional, wife and mother of two young children and on my 45th birthday, “You have cancer,” was the last thing I expected to hear. My personal breast cancer journey helped me become acutely aware of the challenges faced by those that may lack access to the support and resources I was so lucky to have. Suddenly the true importance of Komen Colorado became crystal clear to me and I knew I had to help. Last month, I finished my two-year term as board president but I am far from finished supporting Komen Colorado.

During the COVID-19 public health crisis, Komen Colorado is committed to helping the most under-resourced Coloradans in active breast cancer treatment receive immediate financial assistance to minimize their financial burden and increase the likelihood of continuing their treatment. With that being said, Komen Colorado will expand programming to provide direct relief of non-medical financial assistance to eligible individuals during the COVID-19 public health crisis and will launch the Komen Colorado COVID-19 Fast Track Financial Assistance Fund on Monday, April 20.

As I sign-off as board president I want to remind you that now, more than ever, people living with breast cancer need our support so please consider donating to Komen Colorado as they continue to expand their programming. Also, remember, that this fund was created in thanks to each of you – supporters, donors and friends of Komen Colorado. Thank you for all you do!

WE won’t give up. WE will keep fighting,

Joby Koren