Amanda Jo Erven: The “Why” Behind Komen Colorado’s Fight Against Breast Cancer

Part of our mission at Komen Colorado is building awareness of what the breast cancer disease looks like today.  Jo Erven’s story illustrates the “why” of our fight against this terrible disease. Jo has been an advocate for years – helping individuals and organizations across Colorado understand that Komen Colorado is committed to responsibly stewarding your dollars for the greatest impact.

In 2015, Jo found out that she was BRCA1+, decided to take aggressive preventative measures including a double mastectomy; and yet, that’s not why she is in the fight to end breast cancer. She shares with us that she remains committed to our bold goal and discovering cures because in May of this year, she lost a dear friend to this disease. Jennifer was diagnosed in the same year that Jo undertook her treatment and in Jo’s words; “Jennifer Loved Fearlessly”, Jennifer stopped at nothing to battle the breast cancer disease; was an incredible mom, wife, friend, and daughter. She even found time to support Jo and so many others that had their own breast cancer journey. As we approach our annual More Than Pink Walk, we recognize that, together, we have done incredible work in this fight. The More Than Pink Walk is also a time to remember the ones we’ve lost and commit to achieving our bold goal with more fervor than ever. We are so grateful for our partners like Jo, and you in this fight. Donate directly to Jo’s team, Love Fearlessly, to help Jo and her commitment to Jennifer, her family and for so many others that have been impacted breast cancer.