Komen Colorado seeks to ensure that everyone receives quality breast cancer care, regardless of ability to pay, age, insurance coverage, geographic location, educational attainment, race, ethnicity, language spoken, immigration status, sexual orientation, or gender affiliation.

Komen Colorado supports this on a local level by funding non-profit organizations and medical facilities to provide a variety of breast health and breast cancer services for medically underserved women and men living in the 22-county service area.

In order to meet the most critical needs in our communities, Komen Colorado conducts a community needs assessment every four years. Komen Colorado uses the results of the needs assessment to determine which communities most need support in reaching breast cancer outcome goals set at a state and national level.

Learn more about how Komen Colorado prioritizes communities in the Gaps & Barriers to Care section.

Komen Colorado awards grants to non-profit organizations and medical facilities to cover the cost of breast cancer screenings, diagnostics, and treatment.

Komen Colorado does not give grants directly to individuals nor does it pay for breast cancer-related medical bills that have already been incurred by an individual.

Each Komen Colorado funded medical facility has its own enrollment eligibility and processes, meaning you will ultimately need to contact a specific organization to see if you are able to enroll in the Komen Colorado program.

To find resources to help with the cost to receive breast cancer care, please click a section that meets your needs:

Komen Colorado cannot guarantee assistance and each individual seeking care will need to reach out to a community partner for enrollment eligibility and program availability.

However, Komen Colorado is here to ensure you do not forgo care due to cost or other barriers. If you do not qualify for a current program or a current program does not fit your needs, please call 303-744-2088 to speak with a staff member about your situation and how to get the care you need.