Susan G. Komen’s national website includes many tools and resources that you can utilize to learn more about breast health and breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Helpline

Call the breast care helpline to speak with a specially trained oncology social worker or specialist at 877-GO-KOMEN (1-877-465-6636) or email or, for clinical trial information,

The helpline offers:

  • Breast health and breast cancer information
  • Support and counseling to anyone with questions or concerns
  • Information about local organizations and resources that may provide financial assistance and other support services
  • Low-cost mammography resources
  • Educational materials

Interactive Learning

Susan G. Komen developed two interactive learning modules to learn more about a variety of topics related to breast cancer and common breast cancer treatment plans.

  1. Breast Cancer 101: Get started now
  2. Treatment Navigation: Get started now

Education Videos

Learn about a variety of breast cancer topics through short, informative videos.

Education Toolkits

Susan G. Komen developed education toolkits that provide an organization with the necessary tools and resources to educate your community about breast cancer. The purpose of the toolkits is to support educators by providing responsive breast cancer education in appropriate languages and cultural viewpoints.

Toolkits are available for Black and African American communities, Chinese communities, and Hispanic/Latino communities. They are free to download here.

Screening Reminder

Sign-up here to receive an annual reminder to get screened for breast cancer.

Message Boards

Susan G. Komen operates a message board for anyone touched by breast cancer to ask questions, share stories, and get support. Register, start or join conversations in the community.

Breast Cancer Glossary

Browse an online dictionary with words, terms, and phrases related to breast health and breast cancer.

Other Website Resources

View a list of other resources for any topic related to breast cancer.