A Little Bit of Texas in the Mile High City

The team Cyn-Dee’s Crusaders was formed in a small Colorado town. But many of its members hail from Texas. They will come to Denver for this year’s Race for the Cure to support Cyn-Dee Jones, a breast cancer survivor. While they count down the days to September 30, Cyn-Dee’s Crusaders are focusing their efforts on going the extra mile – they’re fundraising.

Sisters Judy Eaton, of Colorado, and Cyn-Dee Jones, of Texas.

As the old adage goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” And that is definitely true for Cyn-Dee Jones who lives outside of Houston. Cyn-Dee’s heart is as big as her faith and her positive outlook on life.

“I believe everything happens for a reason,” Cyn-Dee said. “And I feel like I need to help others while I am able to do so.”

Cyn-Dee lives with metastatic breast cancer. Her breast cancer journey began in 2010 when she was 49 years old. Last year, doctors discovered the cancer had metastasized.

The recurrence has been treated with chemotherapy, and Cyn-Dee is currently undergoing radiation.

“My tumors are inoperable due to location,” she said.

Cyn-Dee’s family and friends have rallied around her as she fights breast cancer again.

“I’ve been blessed beyond measure,” Cyn-Dee said. “And [I] feel like I have to give back to help others.”

Cyn-Dee has walked four times in Race for the Cure, all in Texas. This year she will come to Race in the Mile High City. Cyn-Dee’s sister, Judy Eaton, lives in Milliken, Colorado, and after finding out Cyn-Dee’s breast cancer had metastasized, Judy decided to form Cyn-Dee’s Crusaders for the Denver Race.

“I have walked beside Cyn-Dee and many others as they bravely face the challenge. I can only imagine what breast cancer victims experience moment-to-moment, day-to-day,” Judy said.

Some of Cyn-Dee’s Crusaders

Cyn-Dee’s Crusaders are also doing more than walking in the September 30 Race. The team is actively fundraising. It has set a goal of $2,500, and as of August 10 Cyn-Dee’s Crusaders has fulfilled nearly 90 percent of its goal.

Fundraising by Race participants helps Komen Colorado support is grants program. Komen Colorado partners with local nonprofits that provide free and low-cost breast health care services, such as mammograms, ultrasounds, and chemotherapy and radiation, for individuals who otherwise can’t afford them.

Cyn-Dee’s breast cancer recurrence has taken the use of her right arm, but she hasn’t stopped doing what she can to advance the fight toward a day without the disease.

“I’m limited in many ways, but I can fundraise with my left hand,” Cyn-Dee said. “And I can walk. So I’ve got to use the gifts that remain to help others to pay it forward.”

Judy is excited to know Cyn-Dee’s Crusaders’ will make a tangible difference in many lives, as well as increase awareness about breast cancer.

“Every life matters. The sisterhood and brotherhood of walking together through each journey and finding ways to find a cure while sticking together gives us all hope,” Judy said.

Joining Cyn-Dee from Texas for the Denver Race are her husband, mother, and sisters.